Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Map of Indonesia

Monday, May 29, 2006

Shopping in Jakarta

Can't believe I thought I wouldn't find "stuff" here: Guess what....it is a shoppers paradise!! Maxine and I went to two malls today and I was really surprised by the glits and glamour not to mention the variety of stores e.g. guess, prada, Dior, LV, Hugo Boss....you name it! You are really spoilt with choice...wouldn't know where to begin. Also, some items are very reasonably priced. When you drive in security does a bomb check inside and outside the car, the driver dropped us off in the valet dropp off. After our shopping spree we had an awsome lunch (Ayam...yes, it's safe to eat the chicken). We then went up to the car call desk which does a PA anouncement in the parking lot for our driver (Pak Diding) to bring the car around. Traffic on our way back to the hotel was a mare, no evidence of road rage...I'm even surprisingly calm (guess it's different when you not driving yourself). I couldn't believe the size of some of the houses (more like Hollywood manor's).

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ojek (Motorcycle)

Motorcycles are the main form of transport and they are no bigger then 250cc (they sound like pissed off mosquito's). We've seen 5 people on one motorbike...couldn't believe my eys; sometimes mom even holds a small baby on her lap).

The City

"Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Home to over 10 million people, Jakarta is always bustling, from the sound of the wheel of government turning to the sight of the economy churning. Skyscrapers, single story residential houses, modern apartment complexes, survivalists shanties - all coexist in this city." There are sections dedicated to several topics such as shopping, business, attractions and more."If you can stand its pollution, and if you can afford to indulge in its charms, then Jakarta is one of the region's most exciting metropolises.

Hotel Kristal "Home"

This will be our "home" for the next couple of weeks

Taman mini "Indonesia Indah"