Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend Break - Ocean Queen Resort, Pelabuhan Ratu

It has been nearly three months since our arrival in Jakarta. Marc has been working long but satisfying hours and is really enjoying his job. He attended two days of Sea Survival and Huet training in Cilegon and has also done a business trip to Balikpapan. While I've been looking at different options to keep myself busy. Though I love being a "lady of leisure" (who wouldn't) I could only have so many cups of coffee/lunch meetings, before I start feeling useless.

I am looking at my options to either complete an intensive one month CELTA course, to become an English teacher or doing a course in Image Consulting. I also have to decide whether I should continue my German lessons with a private tutor or if I should enroll for a course at a German institute as well as looking to enroll for art classes. Decisions, decisions.

We have finally joined the gym and Marc has luckily also found a good martial arts studio, in the attempt to get our A's into G. So all and all we are very happy that the "settling in" period is finally coming to an to get back into a routine.

We've been very excited about venturing out on weekends, to explore what the fantastic Javanese island has to offer but instead we've spent the past 7 weekends in Jakarta either making decisions on furniture, waiting for deliveries... shopping, shopping, shopping.

There is so much to see, incl. Krakatoa, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali and Lombok, to name a few of the short break destinations around Jakarta, that we can't wait to visit.

The Ocean Queen Resort on the South coast of West Java in Sukabumiy was our first last minute "Let's get out of the city" break and it was fabulous. The Ocean Queen Resort in Pelabuhan Ratu, an isolated fishing village, about a four hour drive from Jakarta and was a perfect R&R destination.

Traveling 4 hours would appear to be far to go for only a weekend but, when you have a driver, you really sit back, and before you know it you've reached your destination.

We booked an ocean view bungalow, and enjoyed a very relaxing weekend, doing nothing!

We spent two days, listening to the waves breaking, taking walks on the beautiful black beach, swimming, listening to music and reading under our private gazebo right on the beach. And the most relaxing part of the weekend for me; enjoying amazing 1 hour full body massages. We enjoyed a seafood BBQ with friends on the Saturday night, and after lunch on Sunday we headed back to the bustling capital, rested and ready for life in Jakarta.

The view from our bungalow.

Bungalows lined up along the edge of the beach.

A great swimming pool, next to a restaurant and bar.

Very basic but clean and comfortable bedroom.

Living and dining room area, opening up onto a big veranda overlooking the ocean.

Our private gazebo where we spend most of our time, chilling.

We enjoyed walking along the beach past the local ship yard, watching fisherman at work.
Marc has a good eye for photography - Another one of his good shot's.

It was funny to see people scatter out of the way when these large water buffalo came running onto the beach, out of nowhere.

Heavenly massage...now that's the life!

Not a care in the world, watching the waves rolling in.

A private seafood BBQ dinner.

Yummy tuna steaks, red snapper, prawns, crayfish.

The beach sand is coarse and black and is a reminder that Java is formed by 210 volcano's. We are living on the ring of fire!

We are looking forward to many more of these "feet up" weekend getaways!