Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Joining the May 2010 parent's club

I am very happy to announce that I am 14 weeks pregnant. In give or take 26 weeks there will be a baby Beuthe in the mix.

We are still trying to imagine our lives with our +1. Although it's pretty daunting, knowing that we will soon be responsible for someone other than our selves we are really excited about becoming parents. We've had 3 months to discuss the anticipated changes in our lives and trying to picture our NEW LIFE with a little baby. I consider the first tri-mester the "prep time". Getting yourself used to the idea and preparing yourself mentally for the life changing experience awaiting the new parents to be. And of course the Morning sickness was a constant reminder of this.
Now that we've entered the second tri-mester and the thought had sunken in and the Morning sickness almost completely worn off the reality is starting to set in.

There is no bump to talk of just yet. But, we imagine that within the next month or so it will become even more real when I start to look pregnant.
Being the impulsive, "if I want something, I want it now kind of person" that I am, I've always thought that 9 months is such a long time have to wait for something. Now I realise that it's all part of the process and I'm truly grateful that we have this time to ease into this new very exciting chapter of our lives.

My take on the "process" - Once you have accepted the facts, there is only 6 months left. And then you realise, in those 6 months you would need to prepare yourself for the arrival and there are a million and 1 questions regarding the delivery (Do we have the baby in Jakarta or in Singapore), putting together a short list of names, not to mention all the concerns about a healthy baby, which you can't wait to confirm with the next appointment with your OBGYN. There is also the exciting part of starting to think about and listing all the things you'll need for the little one. Doing research about which travel system and cot is the best, which monitors are the safest etc. etc. and the TO DO LIST just keeps getting longer.
I imagine in the months to come trips to the shops will become less about what we need and more about what "baby" needs. Instead of shopping for a new dress for myself I imagine standing in front of the onesies, picking out a cute outfit for our little one instead.

And so the count down to parenthood has officially begun...

In between all the baby talk we do have an exciting November and December planned. We are off to Cubadak, Sumatra for Marc's birthday on 26 to 29 November and Bali from the 26 December to the 3rd of January.

Watch this space!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The past couple of months

I realised that I haven't done a blog post in a while but I didn't realise how long, OOPS.

Due to my tardiness I will be posting/cramming the past couple of months into this one post.

I'll start by mentioning what I've been keeping myself busy with (hence the late update). I have been attending weekly art classes and in between I take every chance I get to paint at home. It is an acrylics class where we learn different techniques and attempt different projects incl. Chinese watercolour technique (with acrylics), collage abstract and still life.

I never actually thought that I would like doing abstract but it is truly a lot of fun. Here are some of the works I've done at home, playing around with colours and different painting techniques:
Apart from the painting, I have also just finished designing a website for a South African artist friend of ours, Shaun F Parker. I still have to make some small changes, but it's up and running. Check it out: http://www.chrisandshaun.com/

We published the site last week, just in time for Shaun's exhibition that was held at Kemang Villange on Thursday, 30 October.

Marc and I admiring Shaun's fabulous catalogue in the form of post cards.

Marc and I with Joe

"Thanks for the pics, Shaun and congratulations again"!

As I have a real interest in graphic and web design and I was very happy when Shaun asked if I would design a site for him. I grab every chance I get to do other design work, incl. flyer's for a yard sale and illustrated name canvas's.

I have also been approached about getting involved with doing some design work for http://www.familyguidetojakart.com/, which I am now busy with.

Between the hours that I seem to be spending in front of my PC there is always time for some fun...

We've had fun the past couple of months:

We were surprised by the turn out at the yard sale on 26 and 27 August.
Mel and I at the pay station.

The ladies taking a well deserved break.

4 South Africans (Shaun, Willem, Marc and I) and Joe (Aus) at Joe and Sydney's birthday bash - Gypsy party on Saturday, 29 August.

The girls at Mel and Row's house on Saturday, 3 September.

On the 14th of October we flew to Singapore for Matthew and Annalisa's wedding. It was a fun 5 days in Singapore. It is such a fantastic city: Great shopping, good food "I love it".

We stayed at the Swizz hotel on Stamford Road, right next to the Raffles Mall.

It was great spending time with Matt and Annalise in between them running around with last minute wedding arrangements for their BIG DAY that was on Friday, 16 October.

On Wednesday night we had a lovely evening at a great bar/resto off Orchid road called, Ice Cold which I would highly recommend. "What a cool bar"!

On Thursday morning Marc and I strolled the streets and did some shopping.

Marc rubbing the Big Happy Buddha for good luck.

Thursday night we all went for dinner at the famous Jambu Seafood restaurant at East Coast Parkway for Matt's b-day.

Followed by a couple of drinks at the Insomnia bar at Chijmes.

Friday morning we had a relaxed followed by a brief shopping trip to the Raffles mall.

By 3pm we were dressed and ready for the wedding celebrations.

The shuttle bus left the hotel shortly after 3pm for the botanical gardens where the ceremony took place.

Marc, dressed in tails for the special occasion.

Here comes the bride...

Mr. and Mrs. Naisby

After a lovely wedding ceremony followed by cocktails and snacks we returned to the hotel, at around 6pm.

The reception was held on the 69th floor or the Swiss hotel with spectacular views of Singapore.
Marc and I with the beautiful bride and her handsome groom - "Congratulations, Matt and Annalisa"!

After a 8 course dinner, speeches, cutting of the cake and champagne pouring the next 2 hours was spent on the dance floor.

Marc strutting his stuff.

Saturday morning, we said our goodbyes to the happy couple and other wedding guests.

Marc and I roamed the city again and in the late afternoon we met up with friends at a fantastic German bar called Brotzeit.

Outside at Brotzeit, Vivo City mall.

Followed by a drink at the world famous Long Bar.

Later we had dinner at The Tapas Tree restaurant in Clarke Quay where we met up with friends of ours from Jakarta and old friends from Bangalore, now living and passing through Singapore. "It's such a small world"!

We had a nightcap at Indoshine before we headed back to our hotel.

We returned to Jakarta at 2pm on Sunday after a very enjoyable long weekend.

Saturday, 24 October we attended an Octoberfest at Die Stube, our local German pub.

"That's all folks" Until the next update!

Sending our love from Jakarta to all our family and friends all over the world!