Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Baby Shower

One of my South African friends, Emily arranged and hosted a baby shower for me on Friday, 19 February.

Thanks again for a lovely baby shower Emily! As always you are such a gracious host ;-) It was perfect!

I will be thinking of all my friends during bath time, play time and bed time...even breastfeeding and the nappy changes ;-)! I look forward to making use of all the wonderful and practical gifts that I received. I really appreciate the gifts, but more so...I appreciate the friendships. Thank you girls! It's comforting to know that I can always "call a friend".

Notice my growing "bump" at 28 weeks.

Our new home

On Saturday, 12 February we moved into our new house.

We've I had to be very creative, decorating the big square living area.
The best part of the house is of course the patio and the fabulous garden. Our own Bali Villa ;-)

The baby's room, work in progress - I've had a lot of fun over the past couple of weeks shopping for nursery furniture.
I got quite a few quotes from shops around Jakarta that manufacture nursery furniture.
I ended up ordering from Pikitra on Kemang Timur. I gave them pictures of the cot/bed and change table that I wanted and they designed it according to my requirements and specifications.

I was very happy with Pikitra and would definitely recommend them. The furniture is made from camphor wood and is painted with a non-toxic paint. And to my surprise it was delivered early, as I only expected to receive it early in March.

Over the past two months I have been buying things that we will need for our baby incl. pram, car seat, books, toys, clothes etc. and after my baby shower I now have almost everything we need.

I look forward to start decorating and getting the room ready for Baby Beuthe, over the next couple of weeks before I leave for Singapore. What fun ;-)

Trip to Singapore

On Friday, 29 January we flew to Singapore for our Dr's appointment with Dr. Ann Tan at the Woman and Fetal Centre. We had our 24 week scan later that afternoon and we also visited the Mount Elizabeth Hospital where our baby will be delivered in May.

My pregnancy really feels like it's been flying by. I can't believe I am nearly 29 weeks pregnant. When we first found out that we were having a baby it was so hard to imagine what it will be like being pregnant, let alone being a parent. Here I am one week into the 3rd trimester with my preggy belly that seems to be growing by the day, experiencing all the joys and discomforts that go along with it.

Our little girl is very active and I've been experiencing a lot of movement from around 22 weeks. Sometimes so much so that we can actually see my stomach moving/jolting around. It truly is a miracle....To think that there is a little person growing inside my tummy. And, we can't wait to meet her!

Until then, we get to see her every couple of weeks and it is truly amazing how they develop and change. Baby Girl Beuthe at 24 weeks.

I never realised though that there would be so much logistics involved in having a baby. Well, especially when you are living in a foreign country, and planning on having the baby in another country. Everything seems to be falling into place though and I should fly to Singapore on the 19th of April, when I'm 36 weeks pregnant.

We made a weekend of our Dr's visit and caught up with friends of ours that moved from India to Singapore in January.

My 24 week "bump" in China Town where Ale and Anne live.

Besides catching up with Ale and Anne we also shopped (you can't go to Singapore and not shop, right) and on Saturday night the four of us went to see La Boheme at the Esplanade, followed by a late night dinner at our favourite German restaurant, Brotzeit at Raffles City.

It was so nice to see you guys A&A. Thank you for letting us stay with you on Saturday night. We look forward to seeing you again in May.